My name is Megan.

I love to write. I come from a family of journalists and creative writers. Although I didn’t graduate with a Journalism or English major, I have always wanted to do something significant with writing. This, plus my attachment to the internet and social networking gave me the idea to do my part in helping the world by sharing information I come across with regarding significant issues we all are facing today.

I am lucky to have my life, to have a job that pays my bills, to be able to provide for myself and my family. For these, I am grateful. There are others, our fellow men and women, who barely have any food on their table. There are farmers who work hard for their harvest, yet receive so little in return. There are those who are willing to learn the skills needed to provide better lives for themselves and their families, but they lack the resources to do so. There are children who could live longer lives if only appropriate steps were taken to prevent them from dying prematurely.