Best High Weight Limit Double Strollers Of The Year

Best High Weight Limit Double Strollers Of The Year

Whether you are shopping for twins at birth or toddlers that are getting a bit bigger any of the following strollers should be on your short list. They all hold kids with combined weights that approach and in some cases eclipse 100 pounds in weight and they all are best sellers, highly respected by parents around the world.

You might think that only full sized strollers like the stroller pictured above and to the left (The City Mini GT Double – Max Weight 100lbs) are capable of holding a pair of large or heavy kids but you’d be wrong – umbrella strollers are made better today than ever before.

I personally believe the full sized strollers will be better for you as a parent over the years but for those with less to spend and less space to house a stroller when it is not in use a good compact stroller can hold children just as big. I’ve featured some of the best in class below on this page.

Most of the strollers featured here hold two kids up to 50 pounds each but the stroller than holds the most is the Maclaren Twin Techno which can hold 110 pounds or two 55 pound kids.

City Mini GT Double Stroller – Holds A Combined Weight of Up To 100 Pounds

The City Mini GT and the two child version were introduced in Spring. The strollers were designed to be beefed up versions of the wildly popular City Mini strollers. Not exactly jogging strollers, but far more rugged than smaller compact strollers, the City Mini GT line makes it really easy to walk with bigger toddlers both on and off road. If your young children are 100 lbs or less then this stroller will work for your family – it is one of the highest weight limits of all double strollers on the market.

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie – Another Two Child Stroller That Can Hold Kids Up To 100 LBS

The BOB Revolution stroller is widely considered to be one of the best all-around all-terrain strollers on the market today. It has been this way for many years now for good reason. The Revolution Duallie performs just as great as it’s one seat cousin and although it won’t hold two kids 75 pounds apiece it will hold two 50 pound children in each seat. Typically the Revolution is more highly coveted than the Baby Jogger City Mini GT but in my opinion the two strollers are a toss up. Either one will be perfect for a pair of older toddlers but the GT tends to hold bigger kids more comfortably in my experience.

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller – Another Full Sized Double Stroller With A 100 LB Weight Limit

Just like the previously featured strollers this dual child stroller by Britax is rated for two kids with a combined weight of up to 100 lbs. Each child should be 50 pounds or less to be completely accurate. This stroller is a bit less expensive than the previous two due primarily to a lack of some premium features but do not expect to feel like you are missing much with this stroller. A good two child stroller with a high weight limit is going to demand a well built frame with excellent suspension and wheels. This stroller is less expensive but it certainly isn’t a cheaply made stroller. It is top rated and a bests seller among parents everywhere for good reason.

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

The Joovy Scooter X2 is the budget double stroller in this line up. It is probably one of the best (if not the best) bargain of this entire page. If you truly need the highest weight rating then this is not the stroller for you. It is rated safe for kids with combined weight of 90 lbs or less but for the price it can’t be beat. It is well cheaper than all the 100 pound weight limit strollers and it has reviews that are just as high or higher than the aforementioned strollers from it’s owners. If you are looking for a dual stroller with a high weight limit then this has to be on your short list for consideration.

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