How to make green smoothies without a blender

How to make green smoothies without a blender

Suppose you want to make a green smoothie, but you don’t have access to one of these Vitamix blenders everyone is always talking about?  And suppose you don’t have a Blendtec either, or any of the other fancy blenders that are supposed to do the job perfectly?

Don’t be worried – a regular blender can do the job, too!  There’s a trick to it, however.

The secret is to freeze some cubes of fruit first.  Banana cubes make an ideal choice, as do cubes of watermelon, avocado, or mango.  Strawberries – cut in half first – or other berries also freeze well and without detriment to flavour.

Once the cubes of fruit are frozen, simply throw them into the blender along with the greens and any other fruits you wish to add to the smoothie.  The way that it works is that the frozen cubes of fruit are hard and their edges become sharp while they whizz around in your blender, thus helping to break down the greens into a smooth texture.  If you use a regular blender and unfrozen fruit in a green smoothie, you’ll tend to get an emulsion of fruity water and flecky stringy green bits (from your greens).  But freeze the fruit and voila! your smoothie will blend well and the greens will be evenly blended and distributed throughout the drink.

  • Always remember these few quick tips when you’re making a green smoothie with frozen fruit.
  • Make sure you cut the fruit to be frozen into small cubes.  Big cubes might damage your blender.
  • Always put the greens in with the fruit cubes and water all at once.
  • If you don’t have any frozen fruit ready and you want to make a green smoothie right now, you can always use some ice cubes, but of course this will water down your smoothie, especially if you normally use fruit juice instead of water. If you want to make vegetable or leafy juice, then its better you buy a masticating juicer.
  • When you add the water, be sure it is cold or at least room temperature – not warm or hot.
  • Pulse the smoothie using the pulse button on your blender at few times before turning it up to full blend – this will help chop the fruit cubes up into smaller pieces first.
  • Make sure you add enough liquid. If you don’t, the blender won’t be able to swish everything around in there properly and the chunks won’t break up and the greens won’t blend. Always start with a cup of water, adding more if the smoothie isn’t blending well.

I hope you enjoyed these easy tips for making a green smoothie at home without a Vitamix or high-powered blender!  The green smoothie is attainable by all using these simple tips and freezing your fruit into cubes before blending.  Happy green smoothie days!

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